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Probiotic one is the one probiotic you need. Gut Health is a rapidly emerging area of medicine and probiotics are a key element in keeping your gut healthy and happy.

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Did you know that there are more genes in your gut than in the rest of your body? There are over 16,000 different species of bacteria and yeast that live in your gut and scientists have not been able to grow even 10% of them in a lab? Why is gut health important? Bacteria and yeast live in your gut and (at least historically,) lived in harmony with your body. This all changed when humans moved from a “near starvation” diet when we were hunter-gatherers, to having sugar everywhere that we eat in large quantities. This sugar intake has altered the normal balance of our gut to the point where there is a different mix of organisms living in our guts. Most of these changes have resulted in more yeast and different kinds of yeast. These yeast love sugar and they secrete chemicals into our blood that make us want to eat more sugar. Sounds strange? Not so strange when you consider that our gut has an enormous number of nerve cells in it. We have all heard the terms “trust your gut feeling” and “make person happy through their stomach.” There is a lot happening in our intestines that modern medicine is just beginning to understand.