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Migraine Treatment


Are you in Las Vegas and suffering from a migraine headache? If so, our Las Vegas Urgent Care can help resolve your migraines. We are a boutique urgent care located just off the Las Vegas Strip. We are staffed with Physicians, Nurse Practitioners, and Physician Assistants. We also offer housecalls and can offer IV therapy in the comfort of your hotel room.

We are experts at IV therapy, as we administer hundreds of IV treatments per week.


To treat migraines, we can administer

  • IV zofran for nausea
  • IV toradol for headache
  • IV fluids.
  • Glutathione and Taurine, which are intravenous antioxidants.
  • Oxygen

Our fees range from $129 to $299 for ambulatory medical problems. We do charge a House Call Fee of $240 extra to come to your hotel room. We offer free shuttle service to and from your hotel room. Our average charge for services at our clinic is in the $175 to $250 range.

If you are considering an ER or Urgent Care that takes insurance for your migraine treatment, please consider copays, coinsurance, and round-trip taxi fare, as you can easily be responsible for thousands of dollars of your ER bill. When you factor in long wait times along with direct costs, it should be an easy decision to choose Vita Heaven! We will get you back to your vacation quickly with minimal wait times.

Don’t let a migraine headache ruin your trip to Las Vegas. We offer free shuttle service to our Urgent Care, or we can send a team of medical professionals to treat you in the comfort of your hotel room. An extra fee does apply for a house-call.

If you are a Las Vegas resident, why suffer from migraines all weekend or let one keep you from work? With our intravenous treatment, we can cure your migraine quickly and even call in more Imitrex or Relpax for you.

We have comfortable recliners and private rooms where you can be treated. We use pediatric IVs and our staff is highly skilled. We will get you back to your vacation quickly with minimal waiting time.