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Food Poisoning Treatment


Are you here in Las Vegas and suffering from Food Poisoning, also known as gastroenteritis? This is a very common urgent care condition here in Las Vegas. We can definitely help you feel better with prompt urgent care by:
1.Hydrating you with IV therapy
2.Getting your energy levels back up with intravenous B vitamins and Vitamin C
3.Giving you intravenous anti-nausea medication to resolve your nausea

Most cases of food poisoning resolve in about 36 to 48 hours. The problem is that it can take another day or two to recover from its effects.

Our fees range from $129 to $299 for ambulatory medical problems. We do charge a House Call Fee of $240 extra to come to your hotel room. We offer free shuttle service to and from your hotel room. Our average charge for services at our clinic is in the $175 to $250 range.

If you are considering an ER or Urgent Care that takes insurance, please consider copays, coinsurance, and round-trip taxi fare, as you can easily be responsible for thousands of dollars of your ER bill. When you factor in long wait times along with direct costs, it should be an easy decision to choose Vita Heaven! We will get you back to your vacation quickly with minimal wait times

Our Urgent Care is staffed with licensed Physicians, Nurse Practitioners, and Physician Assistants. We also have numerous RNs on staff. Our team will get you treated efficiently and comfortably. Clients usually have to wait less then ten minutes before they are treated.

Food poisoning is generally grouped into 3 types. Bacterial, viral, and toxin-induced. Bacterial food poisoning can be quite severe, as it is usually caused by Salmonella or Shigella. People can become severely ill with this and it requires antibiotics. Viral gastroenteritis usually has low grade fever, aches and pains, as well as vomiting and diarrhea. Toxin-induced is generally caused by poor food storage. It generally does not have a fever and mainly produces severe vomiting. At Vita Heaven we can handle all three of these types of problems. Give us a call and we can get you back to your vacation or convention quickly and efficiently.

We provide free shuttle service to and from your hotel. We also have the ability to treat you in the comfort of your hotel room. An extra fee applies to send a team to your hotel room.

Food poisoning can be a miserable experience. Give us a call at 702-903-2276 and we will get you feeling better quickly.