It can be a difficult decision whether to call for a housecall versus going to an actual urgent care center or emergency room. Most medical businesses that do housecalls have a limited range of capabilities when they go to a hotel room. At Vita Heaven, we offer both Housecalls and options at our Urgent Care center. We specialize in minor urgent care issues and have treated tens of thousands of clients since we opened four years ago. We can usually deliver the same high quality care right in your hotel room, as we can at our facility. We are able to perform a full range of IV therapy right in your hotel room. We always send a team of two people to treat you, so it will be fast and efficient. You will be seen by a nurse practitioner, physician assistant, or doctor. There will also be a nurse or medical assistant. We are able to deal with severe nausea and vomiting from food poisoning, hangovers, or stomach viruses right in your hotel room. Many patients with severe vomiting have a very difficult time leaving their hotel room. If you do decide to come to our facility, we do offer free shuttle service to and from our Las Vegas Urgent Care center. We are not a volume based center, so we do not have long wait times.