Las Vegas Hangover Treatment | IV Fluids for Hangover Las Vegas

Hangovers and Las Vegas go together almost as well as Las Vegas and buffets. People come to Las Vegas to let loose and alcohol is generally a part of that process. Unfortunately, when one drinks too much, a hangover can really ruin your vacation. Las Vegas hangovers can be some of the worst, due to the low humidity and large amount of alcohol that people consume while here. Contrary to popular opinion, hangovers are not just dehydration. They are mainly caused by oxidative stress and inflammation. Much of what is going on with hangovers is happening in the brain, not the stomach. At Vita Heaven Urgent Care and Housecalls, we offer the “Hangover Heaven” treatments. Dr. Burke pioneered the use of intravenous fluids, antioxidants, and anti-inflammatories to treat hangovers in 2012. There is nobody more expert at treating your hangovers than the staff at Vita Heaven. We treat hundreds of patients a month with IV therapy. Many urgent care center and house call businesses do not do IV therapy, as it is challenging, especially if the medical personnel do not do it frequently. That is not the case for us. On a busy weekend, we usually do over 100 IV treatments. We can deliver the same IV treatment in your hotel room as at our clinic. There is an extra fee to go to your hotel room, or we can send our free shuttle vehicle to pick you up. We have comfortable recliners and televisions for your entertainment. We are very efficient and will have you in and out quickly. If you want to avoid hangovers while in Las Vegas, try to stick to high quality clear alcohol, such as gin and vodka. They cause much less severe hangovers. Cheap whiskey is the worst for causing hangovers. If you are going to have a big night out, try to take something before you start drinking, as it is much easier to prevent hangovers than to deal with them the next morning.
Las Vegas Hangovers
Hangovers are very much part of the landscape in Las Vegas. Don’t let a Las Vegas hangover ruin your vacation. Some Las Vegas-level hangovers can last two days, especially if you are over 40. Call the staff at Vita Heaven to get you back to your vacation!