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Dodging Desert Dehydration

Not surprisingly, Las Vegas was recently ranked as the most fun city in the United States. There are a multitude of things to do here – great shows, gaming, bars, clubs and restaurants.Unfortunately, there are also many ways to ruin your Vegas vacation. You could miss your flight, lose big at the tables, or maybe […]

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Why Magnesium is Important to Your Body

We hear a lot about the consequences of low iron or potassium levels. However, there’s another element that’s equally vital to your health. Many Americans don’t get enough magnesium, and low levels of this vital mineral can cause some serious problems.

Like calcium, magnesium is a macro-mineral, meaning your body needs a sizable amount to function […]

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How to Avoid Arriving to Vegas Sick

There are few things as frustrating as being sick during your vacation. All your planning, time off work, and money are wasted and you’re left with only unpleasant memories of what should have been a great trip. Whether it’s your first visit to Las Vegas or you’re a seasoned guest, you want to avoid touching […]

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Dehydration in Las Vegas

Summer is coming and we all know what that means in Vegas…..heat, and lots of it.  Many people arrive in Las Vegas dehydrated due to a long plane flight.  After a day or two of golfing, shopping, spending time at the nightclub, etc it is very easy for a person to get severely dehydrated.

Symptoms of […]

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Housecalls versus Clinic

It can be a difficult decision whether to call for a housecall versus going to an actual urgent care center or emergency room. Most medical businesses that do housecalls have a limited range of capabilities when they go to a hotel room.

At Vita Heaven, we offer both Housecalls and options at our Urgent Care center. […]

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Las Vegas Food Poisoning

Las Vegas food poisoning and buffets pretty much go hand in hand, and there are a lot of buffets in Las Vegas.  We treat many patients every month for food poisoning, as it can severely derail your vacation or conference in Las Vegas.

Most food poisoning is caused by a toxin secreted by a bacteria that […]

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Las Vegas Myers Cocktail

There has been quite a bit of press about the “Myers Cocktail.”  It was invented back in the 80’s by Dr. John Myers and is a combination of IV fluid, B vitamins, and vitamin C.  Magnesium was added at a later date.  It does appear to help many patients with chronic fatigue, autoimmune diseases, and […]

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